5 Steps to Sustainable SharePoint User Adoption Success

SharePoint has become one of the most widely used web application development platforms, preferred by several enterprises all over. However, in spite of the large number of users, SP is usually considered to be more of a network share. It can be put to varying uses and can actually cater to a range of business requirements. Though often ignored, user adoption sustainability is the main point of concern when it comes to SharePoint. For this, it is essential to create a well- planned and of course sustainable user adoption program. Here is an overview of five steps in which sustainable SharePoint user adoption success can be guaranteed.

1. Awareness: Drive Enterprise Momentum

offshore sharepoint developer, sharepoint 2010 experts india, sharepoint cms india, sharepoint migration experts india, sharepoint programmers india, hire sharepoint developer india, sharepoint services india, sharepoint site branding experts, Sharepoint Migration Services, sharepoint portingCreating awareness while also inviting people over to your SP network is the first step in the process. The most popular way of doing this is by selecting the high- profile, positive as well as influential groups into SharePoint. The next step would be to generate interest in them because their inclination would automatically induce others in the organization to go for this platform. If you are thinking about the ways in which this interest can be generated, check the following tips:

  • Identify common enterprise related problems and issues that can be solved by the platform.
  • Guide the people in the desired direction by means of training as well as resource adoption to the current SP artefacts.
  • Convince the decision makers about what this platform can do for them including saving the cost.
  • Communicate the power of SharePoint while also developing self-service support to let people teach themselves.

The next step follows once the influencers have already joined the SP bandwagon.

2. Aligning the Business Needs

Identification of the people along with the possible problems should be followed by aligning them with the business requirements. This involves reviewing the existing collaboration tools as well as patterns while also automating the manual business process too. Following this, it is your turn to prioritize them accordingly.

3. Developing a Relevant Plan

The process of creating a relevant plan begins with an identification of the existing SP resources in terms of training, governance plan, user management plan, release management plan and support structure. The next step would be to establish a support model for self service, site managers and higher level support. A contextual user training module also needs to be developed separately for the site managers and the business users. The modules would include the purpose of SP, roles, responsibilities, learning and support resources along with expectations.

4. Establishing Enterprise Buy-In

After having created the SP bandwagon, it is now time to make the rest of the organization derive the benefits out of using this platform. This is where establishing an enterprise buy-in turns out to be so important, as it makes others realize not just the significance of SP but also the way of using it in the proper manner. Establishment of the Enterprise Buy-In along with deriving the benefits from the same can be done in the following ways:

  • Training the site owners as well as the business users
  • Making a comparative study between the before and after notes to determine the changes made by SP.
  • Provide enough opportunities to the people to get your message. Organizing internal awareness campaigns, hosting user group get-togethers and competitions and so on are some of these opportunities.
  • Recognize and present awards to those who help others.

This particular step is one of the most difficult to be accomplished.

5. Facilitate Engagement

The task of ensuring the success of the SharePoint user adoption does not end even after people are convinced of the importance of the platform and they start making the desired use of it. It is necessary to keep them engaged on a long-term basis. The progress needs to be evaluated and kept track of to make sure that no particular user is losing interest. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the support tools is necessary in this regard. Both positive and negative feedback has to be gathered from the business enterprises. Increased engagement paves the way for higher momentum, which in turn, implies that the users are working well.

The above- mentioned five steps are crucial for anyone aiming at enhancing the usability quotient of this SharePoint development platform.

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