SharePoint 2013 Assessment Uncover the Benefits

A constant increase is noted in the number of organizations using Microsoft SharePoint to build websites. Each organization also has option to choose from a variety of SharePoint technologies and products to meet its specific requirements. Along with securely storing, organizing and sharing information, the web application development platform also allow users to access the data using any of the widely used web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Microsoft recently released the updated version of SharePoint with a set of innovative and extended features.

custom sharepoint development, sharepoint application development, certified sharepoint programmersThe latest version of the platform provides a comprehensive solution to manage information, while availing the advantages of your existing IT systems, structured processes and compliance. At the same time, the framework is also optimized to make it easier for users to access information, process and collaboration in a familiar and consistent way. If your organization is already using SharePoint, then you must be aware of the features and benefits of this platform and custom SharePoint development. But you must know the benefits provided by SharePoint 2013, if you are planning to migrate to the popular web application development framework.

Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to SharePoint 2013

1. Avail the Advantages of Cloud Service: Many enterprises are investing in cloud computing to meet the latest trends in technologies. Many reports have highlighted that more and more companies will include cloud services as part of their infrastructure very soon. With SharePoint 2013, an enterprise can easily embrace the cloud services. You can use Office 365 to run the latest version, while availing its features and benefits. Also, you have option to avail all features in cloud by choosing a solution that can be run in virtual machines through Amazon Web Services or Windows Azure. The feature further enables you to make and implement a hybrid architecture that takes advantages of your entire IT investment.

2. Improved Workflow Manager: Microsoft has designed SharePoint 2013 with an efficient Workflow Manager. The feature makes the web application development platform suitable for all types of enterprises regardless of the size of their workflow. The improved workflow manager also saves the time and efforts when the workflow is huge. Further, an organization can use the workflow managers to easily integrate new work flows. As the business models and work processes are becoming complex, the workflow manager infrastructure is useful for leveraging all types of services.

3. Support for Mobile and Social Computing: Many experts have highlighted the shortcoming of previous versions of SharePoint in handling mobile devices. Microsoft has updated the web application development framework with features to facilitate mobile web browsing, along with rendering customized content according to the device. Also, SharePoint 2013 allow users to stay connected with their business systems on the go by sending direct alert notification to apps installed on their smartphones. Similar to mobile computing, the latest version also comes with additional features to support social sites. Microsoft also allows users to access discussion threads, reputation building through community, and other community sites without incurring any extra expenses.

4. Improved and Integrated Searching: The search feature of SharePoint is hugely popular among users. The feature enables them to effectively index websites and SharePoint sites along with existing NTFS file share. But platform was using a paid but highly effective search engine called FAST to locate the files. But the search engine is now embedded in the platform. Also, the search engine is optimized with analytics integration. So the updated version display the search results in a modified way. At the same time, it also use query rules to allow users to create promoted results. Along with search presentation, a user can also avail the advantages of continuous crawl to generate faster search results.

5. Optimized Performance: Microsoft has further optimized SharePoint 2013 to meet the requirements of rapid web application development projects. The updated version handles the bits of data stored on local disks in a streamlined way to generate application presentations. So the client receives only the data that has been modified on a viewed web page. Also, the portions of SharePoint site that are not updated or modified are presented from the cache. Similarly, the changes in the SQL levels affect the documents stored in SharePoint document library, only if the SQL delta is modified. The streamlined data processing enhances its performance, and makes SharePoint 2013 the best option when large documents are modified and updated on a regular basis.

Microsoft has also simplified user licensing to make SharePoint 2013 popular among small enterprises. As the enterprises are no longer required to buy advanced licensing, they will love to migrate to the web application development platform to complement the needs of their entire business operation.

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