Crafting the Perfect SharePoint Solution for Your Business

SharePoint MigrationSharePoint is a web-oriented tool from Microsoft that enables the user to locate and manage information across the web browser as well as share files in a more efficient manner. It is of immense help to businesses by serving as the central location for the storage of files, projects along with ad hoc information. In fact, SharePoint has the capability of searching the entered information as well as the information within any stored document. This in turn enhances the business productivity and helps in cost control. Let us discuss a few of the prime features of SharePoint before exploring how the perfect SharePoint solution can be built and leveraged for businesses.

Key features of SharePoint

    • Document Management: This web tool facilitates several functions like check-in or check-out and also approvals.
    • Discussions: The discussion board of SharePoint can remarkably trim down the time that is spent in meetings. An interesting feature is that the entire information related to the discussions lies centrally, is properly documented, has a back up, and can also be conveniently searched.
    • Wikis: Internal knowledge bases can be easily developed with the help of SharePoint wikis. In this manner crucial information regarding the business operations is documented and retained within the business.
    • Workflows: With the assistance of SharePoint you will be able to generate workflows focused on your business processes. This facilitates the replication of the same result every time there is execution of the process. Hence, a convenient means of tracking information flow is available, thereby leading to consistent results.

Techniques to Derive the Perfect SharePoint Solution

  • All emails should be stored on a centralized and secure website to facilitate seamless archive.
  • A centralized task location needs to be maintained in order to assign task to each team member. The tasks are automatically displayed on the To-Do List of Outlook 2007 and are linked to projects, thereby enabling one to identify the tasks that have not been closed.
  • Large events should be organized and the relevant documents and assigned tasks should be stored, while posting whatever is linked to events. Integration of all this stuff with Outlook offers increased efficiency.
  • So far as the documents are concerned, constant collaboration with every team member is a must in order to have a thorough understanding of each person’s tasks.
  • On assignment of tasks to team members, there should be automatic notification to inform regarding the assigned task. Moreover, alerts are best to inform about updates.
  • SharePoint should be used as a robust yet uncomplicated project management tool for the team or organization enabling management of documents and tasks within a single location.
  • Document management should be done with the help of check-in and check-out tools.
  • The content approval feature or the approval workflows should be properly leveraged for increased control over the organization’s documents.
  • Training materials ought to be provided to partners, clients and teams within a website that is password protected and is accessible from anywhere across the globe.
  • Documents as well as other information should be shared with partners or clients within a private and secure place.
  • It is best to operate and access data through mobile devices having internet facility for increased convenience during travel or client meeting held away from the office.
  • Brainstorming sessions and enhanced team communication should be practiced. Moreover, centralization should be done with regard to posting of announcements so that everyone is notified through mobile phone or email, irrespective of the place.
  • All team discussions, projects tasks, centralized calendars, company contacts, files and team blogs should be taken offline and then the updated information should be synchronized.
  • Central documents should be created to enable all stake holders to avail and modify the same document and access the update at the click of a button. All modifications can be synchronized with the single document.
  • It is advisable to develop a project dashboard wherein common project elements like project tasks, project issues, project documents, project milestones, and so on can be viewed and filtered on a single page.

SharePoint comes with a range of features to facilitate and streamline business processes. Following the above-mentioned techniques can enable one to derive maximum benefit for businesses through leveraging SharePoint development.

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